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25th June 2013 - Chen Chew and Chen Choong Khung, directors of Cosmic Electrical Engineering Sdn Bhd, were charged at Johor Bahru Sessions Court for committing an offence under section 132(1) of the Companies Act 1965 ('CA 1965).

The charges alleged that Chen Chew and Chen Choong Khung had withdrawn RM112, 002.15 from the company's bank account at Public Bank Berhad without the company's approval.

Section 132(1) CA 1965 provides that a director shall at all times exercise his powers for a proper purpose and in good faith in the best interest of the company. The said offence carries a maximum penalty of five (5) years imprisonment or fine of RM30,000.00.

Chen Chew and Chen Choong Khung also faced an alternative charge under section 132(2)(a) CA 1965 in relation to improper use of company's property. The offence under section 132(2)(a) CA 1965 carries a maximum penalty of five (5) years imprisonment or fine of RM30,000.00.

The Sessions Court Judge, Tuan Muhammad Jamil Hussin released Chen Chew and Chen Choong Khung on RM10,000.00 bail each with one surety. The court set July 9 for mention of the Chen Chew's case, and July 24, the mention date for Chen Choong Khung's case.

En. Mohamad Azies Han Bin Mohd Fadzil prosecuted on behalf of the Public Prosecutor and Chen Chew and Chen Choong Khung were represented by YC Wong.

The prosecution action demonstrates SSM is committed to ensure strict compliance of the Companies Act by the officers of companies.



25 Jun 2013 - Chen Chew dan Chen Choong Khung iaitu pengarah syarikat Cosmic Electrical Engineering Sdn Bhd, telah didakwa di Mahkamah Sesyen Johor Bahru hari ini atas kesalahan di bawah seksyen 132(1) Akta Syarikat 1965 ('AS 1965').

Kesalahan-kesalahan tersebut adalah berkaitan tindakan Chen Chew dan Chen Choong Khung mengeluarkan wang milik syarikat berjumlah RM112,002.15 dari akaun syarikat di Public Bank Berhad tanpa kelulusan syarikat.

Seksyen 132(1) AS 1965 memperuntukkan bahawa pengarah pada setiap masa hendaklah menjalankan tugas dengan tujuan yang munasabah dan suci hati bagi kepentingan syarikat. Jika disabitkan bersalah hukuman yang diperuntukkan ialah penjara lima (5) tahun atau denda RM30,000.00.

Chen Chew dan Chen Choong Khung juga didakwa dengan pertuduhan alternatif di bawah Seksyen 132(2)(a) AS 1965 berkaitan penyalahgunaan harta syarikat. Jika sabit kesalahan mereka boleh dihukum penjara lima (5) tahun atau denda RM30,000.00.

Hakim Mahkamah Sesyen, Tuan Muhammad Jamil Hussin melepaskan Chen Chew dan Chen Choong Khung dengan wang jaminan berjumlah RM10,000.00 beserta seorang penjamin. Mahkamah menetapkan 9 Julai bagi sebutan kes ke atas Chen Chew, dan 24 Julai bagi sebutan ke atas Chen Choong Khung.

En Mohamad Azies Han Bin Mohd Fadzil, pegawai pendakwa Suruhanjaya Syarikat Malaysia menjalankan pendakwaan bagi pihak Pendakwa Raya sementara Chen Chew dan Chen Choong Khung diwakili oleh YC Wong dari Tetuan Sheng Lee Law Office.

Tindakan pendakwaan ini menunjukkan bahawa SSM komited untuk memastikan pematuhan kepada Akta Syarikat 1965 oleh pegawai-pegawai syarikat.



There are 3 stages in Incorporation Process of Company. They are Name Search, Incorporation of Company and appointment of the first company secretary.

Stage 1- Name Search for the company  (availability of the proposed name):

  1. Be ready with the proposed name for your new company.
  2. To decide the business activities for the new company.
  3. To decide the amount for the paid up share capital for your new company.
  4. To decide the number of shareholders and the first directors for your new company.
  5. Give us a call or directly come to our office for free consultation regarding the proposal above.
  6. To pay us RM1,500 in order to proceed with the name search of company (Section 27(1)(4)).
  7. It takes approximately one hour to one working day to obtain the result of the name search.
  8. If the proposed name for the new company is approved then we may proceed to the Stage 2.
  9. Otherwise we have to perform another request for a name search.

Stage 2- Incorporation Process of Company:

  1. To pay the remaining balance of the Incorporation Package that you choose(if any).
  2. To sign the Declaration Form by the Promoters/Directros (Section 201).
  3. Then we will proceed with the Incorporation Process of the company.
  4. It takes about 1 working day to obtain the result of the Incorporation Process of the company.
  5. If there is any query regarding the Incorporation Process then it will delay the process for another one to two days.

Stage 3- Appointment of the First Company Secretary:

  1. Once the Incorporation Process of the company has been approved by SSM (Section 14 and Section 15),we will proceed with the appointment of the first company secretary (Section 58 & 236(2)).

Preparation of Statutory Documents After Incorporation Of A Comapny:

  1. To prepare a Directors' Resolution to open your company's bank account.
  2. To provide 3 sets of certified true copies of relevant documents (Section 14, 15, 17, 58 & 236(2)).
  3. To prepare the Minutes for the First of the Board of Directors' Meeting.
  4. To prepare Shares' Certificates for all the Shareholders.
  5. To properly keep your Company's Common Seal, Statutory Books and the blank Shares' Certificates.

Yearly Maintenance Fee

There are a lot of advantages and benefits to have a COMPANY SDN. BHD. as compared to a type of Sole Proprietorships or Partnerships. However, there are some yearly maintenance cost that a company has to incur. The yearly maintenance cost varies from one company to another company and it mainly depends on business turnover or sales, volume of business transactions and total assets of that particular company for a particular financial year.

The followings are the estimated yearly maintenance fees for a company which has a turnover or sales ranging between RM100,000 to RM500,000:

  1. Yearly Secretarial Fee of RM780.
  2. Documentation and lodgement Fee of RM390 to prepare Minutes of AGM and lodgement of Annual Returns and Audited Accounts to SSM (inclusive of SSM Fee of RM150).
  3. Annual Fee for Accounting Service of RM1,200 to RM3,000 to prepare management accounts and financial statements to be audited. The fee is only applicable to those companies which do not have accounting personnel to manage and prepare their financial statements to be audited.
  4. Annual Fee for Audit Service of RM800 to RM3,000.
  5. Annual Service Fee for Computation of Company's Income Tax to Tax Agent of RM400 to RM1,200.

The estimated yearly maintenance fees as mentioned above are our own firm's estimated maintenance fees which are only applicable to those companies that decide to choose our firm's services. Of course the fees are still negotiable.

Auditor- Company & Cooperative

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Tax Agent

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Monthly Payroll Service

We have a group of human resource personnel to provide the Payroll Service to your organization.

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Accounting Service (590)

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Corporate Secretarial Service

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Register A Sdn Bhd Company

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Why the formation cost of company varies from authorised share capital of RM400K as compared to RM500K?

One of the main reasons is due to the difference in company incorporation fee for each category

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What is the minimum age of applicants to form a company?

The age of applicants to form a company must be between 18 years old and 70 years old.

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Who is qualified to be a company secretary?

Under the Malaysian Companies Act 1965, a person is qualified to act as a company secretary when

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May a bankrupt person be applicant to form a company?

An undischarged bankrupt person is not qualified to form a company.

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SSM - 19/06/2013


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SSM - 21/06/2013


The Session Court Seremban

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SSM - 26/06/2013


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Do It Yourself Name Search Of The Companies

Name Search Of The Companies Free of Charges (2142)

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