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As a Corporate Secretarial Firm, we are subject to the Code of Ethics of Company Secretary which is based on the principles in relation to sincerity, integrity, responsibility and corporate social responsibility.

Our Secretarial Services includes:-

  1. Incorporation of private limited companies (Sdn Bhd or Berhad).
  2. Serve as a company secretary for your company.
  3. Replace the existing company secretary in case you feel we may provide better services.
  4. General consultation to ensure your company comply with the statutory legislation and requirements.
  5. Serve as the Registered Address of your company.
  6. To hold your company annual general meeting (AGM) and any other meetings as required.
  7. To lodge your company's annual return and audited financial statements to SSM annually.
  8. To lodge statutory documents when there are changes in Directors, Managers and Secretaries, shareholders, registered office, Auditor, share capital, Company's Constitutions, and any other requirements to file if any to SSM.
  9. To prepare and issue share certificates.
  10. To prepare board of directors' resolution in opening of bank account for your company.
  11. To prepare board of directors' and members' resolutions whenever required.
  12. To perform Company Search.
  13. To perform all other corporate secretarial related duties and responsibilities.

 Tips to choose a Secretarial Firm:

  1. Obtain a written quotation of the Incorporation Package of sdn bhd company and its Fees from a Secretarial Firm. Briefly analyze and understand all items offered in the package. Find out whether the said package is already inclusive of the first year secretarial service fee or otherwise. Hence, you would exactly know their package  is already inclusive with or without the first year secretarial fee.
  2. The most important factor that you should take into consideration before deciding to engage with any Secretarial Firm is the price of fees on services provided after the incorporation of the company. The said fees refer to service fees which you will be required to bear for any request for their services rendered after your company has been incorporated. For instances;
    1. Request for Forms or Documents Certified True Copy (CTC) for each page (Our fee is RM2 each page).
    2. Request for Increase in Paid Up Share Capital (Our fee is RM120 each request).
    3. Request for Change of Object Clauses (Our fee is RM200 each request).
  3. Please obtain our prices of fees on services provided after the incorporation of the company. Then you are able to compare with others. So that, you may decide wisely a secretarial firm to choose. 

Your Success is our Success!

 To obtain more information about the necessary steps to be taken in setting up a new sdn bhd company, please read the article below "3 Stages in Incorporation of Company". Insya Allah it just takes 2 to 3 working days to incorporate a new Sdn Bhd Company.

Please feel free to share your dream with us: 03 - 4106 6139.

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3 Stages In Incorporation Of A Company

There are 3 stages in Incorporation Process of Company. They are Name Search, Incorporation of Company and appointment of the first company secretary.

Stage 1- Name Search for the company  (availability of the proposed name):

  1. Be ready with the proposed name for your new company.
  2. To decide the business activities for the new company.
  3. To decide the amount for the paid up share capital for your new company.
  4. To decide the number of shareholders and the first directors for your new company.
  5. Give us a call or directly come to our office for free consultation regarding the proposal above.
  6. To pay us RM1,500 in order to proceed with the name search of company (Section 27(1)(4)).
  7. It takes approximately one hour to one working day to obtain the result of the name search.
  8. If the proposed name for the new company is approved then we may proceed to the Stage 2.
  9. Otherwise we have to perform another request for a name search.

Stage 2- Incorporation Process of Company:

  1. To pay the remaining balance of the Incorporation Package that you choose (if any).
  2. To sign the Declaration Form by the Promoters/Directors (Section 201).
  3. Then we will proceed with the Incorporation Process of the company.
  4. It takes about 1 working day to obtain the result of the Incorporation Process of the company.
  5. If there is any query regarding the Incorporation Process then it will delay the process for another one to two days.

Stage 3- Appointment of the First Company Secretary:

  1. Once the Incorporation Process of the company has been approved by SSM (Section 14 and Section 15), we will proceed with the appointment of the first company secretary (Section 58 & 236(2)).

Preparation of Statutory Documents After Incorporation Of A Company:

  1. To prepare a Directors' Resolution to open your company's bank account.
  2. To provide 3 sets of certified true copies of relevant documents (Section 14, 15, 17, 58 & 236(2)).
  3. To prepare the Minutes for the First of the Board of Directors' Meeting.
  4. To prepare Shares' Certificates for all the Shareholders.
  5. To keep your Company's Common Seal, Statutory Books and the blank Shares' Certificates safely and confidentiality.

Annual Maintenance Service Fees Payable

There a lot of advantages to set up a  Sdn Bhd Company as compared to a type of Sole Proprietorship or Partnerships. However, there are some annual maintenance service fees that a company has to incur. The annual maintenance service fees are different from one company to another company and it mainly depends on business turnover or sales, volume of business transactions and total assets of that particular company for a particular financial year.

The followings are the estimated annual maintenance fees for a company which has a turnover or sales ranging between RM100,000 to RM500,000:

  1. Annual Secretarial Fee of RM780.
  2. Annual Documentation and Filing Service Fee of RM350 to prepare and submit Annual Returns to SSM (inclusive of SSM Fee of RM150).
  3. Annual Documentation and Filing Service Fee of RM200 to submit Audited Financial Statements to SSM (inclusive of SSM Fee of RM50)
  4. Annual Accounting Service fee of RM1,200 to RM3,000 to prepare management accounts and financial statements to be audited. The fee is only applicable to those companies which do not have accounting personnel to manage and prepare their financial statements to be audited.
  5. Annual Audit Service Fee of RM800 to RM3,000.
  6. Annual Tax Filing Service Fee of RM500 to RM1,200 for Computation of Company's Income Tax and submission of Tax Returns to LHDN.

The estimated annual maintenance service fees payable as mentioned above are the only estimated cost which are only applicable to those companies that decide to choose our firm's services. Of course the fees are still negotiable. Please call us for free consultation and quotations.

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